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I had been meaning to buy a wool, duffle coat for the past several years, but hadn't been willing to shell out the money nor settle for one of inferior quality.  I never ended up getting one even while in Japan since the winters in Kobe were so mild anyway.  Of course, it never stopped me from trying them on whenever I saw them in stores or staring at winter catalogues every year.  This year, I finally caved in.  Winter is definitely my least favourite season (Toronto winters especially) but despite the cold , I'm really looking forward to showing off my beautiful, new coat this year!

A closer look at my favourite duffle styles this seasonCollapse )

In the end, I decided on Aritzia's TNA Deerfield Duffle Coat in the navy.  When the weather cools down a bit more, I'll be sharing photos.

In mid-October, a friend from Vancouver came to visit this side of Canada and we travelled to Montréal together, a city she had never been to.  I had a lot of fun trying out the restaurants that best showcased the city's awesome food culture.  One of my favourite things about Québecois cuisine is the all-day-breakfast.  In the past several years, chains like Chez Cora and Eggspectations have been opening up locations across Anglophone Canada in an attempt to spread this culture.  But while Cora's initial arrival in Toronto may have sparked my excitement, in my opinion, the best place to enjoy a scrumptuous Québecois breakfast is still Montréal.

Place Milton is situated in the Plateau Mont-Royal area of Montréal, close to McGill University.  It's a popular spot for students and locals alike, and especially busy on weekends helping people nurse hangovers after a Friday night of fun.  I ordered a grilled vegetable omelette and it came alongside fried potatoes, whole-grain toast slathered with butter, and your choice of tea or coffee.  The eggs were very soft, not too oily, but still crisp around the edges.  Inside was a colourful assortment of vegetables.  I also appreciated that the potatoes didn't cover half the plate -- they were a nice side to the very filling omelette.

It's unfortunate that we decided to try the local chain, Ben & Florentine, the very next day.  The food was very oily and salty, completely lacking in substance, and left me feeling too full but disatisfied.  We left B&F wishing we had gone back to Place Milton instead.

omelette @ place milton
grilled vegetable omelette breakfast

place milton @ montréal
Place Milton is located at 224 Rue Milton in Montréal.
Today, I went downtown to see the Cavalcade of Lights at Nathan Phillips Square and had wonderful grilled salmon for dinner.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo so I'm starting off my newly revamped livejournal with a post about a previous food trip.  I've been on a search for Toronto's best wallet-friendly vegetarian dishes and, courtesy of BlogTO, Hibiscus was the first place I visited since I returned from Japan.

Hibiscus is a small café located in Kensington Market.  During my first visit, I tried their speciality, buckwheat crêpe.  While the crêpe was indeed delicious, I couldn't forget the salad appetizer my friend and I had shared.  This Thursday, I made the decision to go again, this time ordering only the salad as my entrée.

What makes this salad so delicious was the variety of colourful ingredients within such a small bowl.  Quinoa, kidney beans, chickpeas, seasoned tofu cubes, thinly sliced carrots and beets, vermicelli, broccoli, kale, and a slice of grilled red bell pepper, topped off with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, vinegar dressing and a brown rice cracker on the side.  It was definitely one of the best salads I've ever eaten.

small salad @ hibiscus
small salad


Visit Hibiscus at 238 Augusta Ave in Kensington Market.

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